Managers are today expected to use entrepreneurial principales to ensure their business or projects yield prots or give a return on investment.We are associated with NEN(Wadhwani Foundation).The main objective of the cell is to equip students with requisite knowledge & skills they need to organise,create and manage protable ventures.


Tie-up with NATIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP NETWORK (NEN)-A Wadhwani Foundation Initiative NEN Online allows new and future entrepreneurs, students and faculty to create, grow and sustain entrepreneurial communities both within and outside their own institute. The portal serves as a hub for people in various spheres of entrepreneurship to connect with each other and exchange ideas and information.To grow the entrepreneurial community on campus and beyond, the AIMS E-Cell Unit creates topic-specic blogs to engage with students, alumni, faculty, entrepreneurs, investors and anyone interested in high-growth entrepreneurship. In order to market the activity and communicate with specic student groups and faculty members, the E-Cell also exchange e-invitations and emails not only with students on campus but also with other E-cells across NEN member institutes.